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Orleans Capital provides customized investment management services to individuals, estates, trusts, foundations, and personal retirement plans including IRA’s and 401(k)’s. All portfolios are separately managed to meet client growth and income objectives while providing asset diversification and tax efficiency.

Equity portfolios are constructed utilizing both our institutional Strategic Dividend and Energy strategies, blended according to individual account investment goals.

Fixed income bond portfolios, both taxable and tax-exempt, also utilize Orleans Capital’s years of expertise managing institutional bond accounts for large pension and insurance clients. Our strategy seeks to compound a material yield to maturity advantage and thereby provide a higher stream of current income using investment grade bonds. Portfolios usually contain Government, Mortgage, and Corporate issues diversified over a range of maturities to meet a duration target. Our trading desk uses a competitive bidding process with major Wall Street trading desks to obtain better prices for our clients, regardless of the size of the transaction.



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